Standalones on el Capitan?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Sun May 1 19:23:19 EDT 2016

No, it's not an Apple problem - they're not losing any money over it, 
and they're certainly not losing any sleep over it.

I think it's a Livecode Ltd problem (for the reasons described in the 
earlier post), though it is partly caused by Apple.

Yeah. it would be great if Livecode Ltd could use the Community version 
to allow folks to publish GPL apps, and it is Apple that prevents them.
But I'm sure that's not the only possible solution - and Livecode Ltd 
should find, or consider, some of the others.

For example, would it be possible to create a version of that allows 
building IOS standalones under commercial license, but nothing else. 
Then such a User could build IOS standalones (non-GPL), other 
standalones (under GPL), they could NOT distribute or use encrypted 
stacks, etc.

And if necessary license that version for $5 per year :-)

-- Alex.

On 02/05/2016 00:04, Monte Goulding wrote:
>> On 2 May 2016, at 8:46 AM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami <brahma at> wrote:
>> Forgive me, Monte.. But I think this is an extremely “blinkered” regressive point of view that seriously limits the possible future user base. The “middle ground” is not small at all. The digital revolution is *exploding* faster than anyone can possibly comprehend. In our very small world wide membership… I can’t count how many young boys and girls would jump on LiveCode if I put them onto it…
> With all due respect what you are complaining about is an Apple problem not a LiveCode problem. I actually think Apple’s position on GPL should be tested again now that they have free provisioning profiles.
> Cheers
> Monte
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