Problem updating to Version 8 (DP16)

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Thu Mar 24 18:21:43 EDT 2016

On 24/03/2016 20:43, Jim Byrnes wrote:
> I have version 8 (DP 14) installed on my laptop running Ubuntu 14.04.
> When I opened the start center there were a couple of buttons visible.
> One referred to version 7.xx and the other was an upgrade to DP 16. I
> clicked on the DP 16 button a download progress bar appeared. I must
> have lost my internet connection because when I checked back the
> progress bar was gone but Livecode was not upgraded to DP 16.
> Closing and restarting the Start Center did not offer the upgrade
> anymore and even Help-->check for upgrades did nothing.
> Could someone tell me how to get upgrades to work again?

Hi Jim,

We have found that there are some editions for which the autoupdater 
will not work.  This was due to an error in the autoupdater's HTTPS support.

When upgrading from those editions, it's necessary to manually download 
the update.

If you're having difficulty with the "Check for updates" feature I do 
recommend downloading the installer for the version you're trying to 
update to from


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