Sample Stacks Stack in Livecode 8 - Gone ?

Rolf Kocherhans rolf.kocherhans at
Fri Mar 18 15:55:56 CET 2016

Hello Elanor & Peter

There is a misunderstanding :-( !

I did not ask how I can download stack, I know very well
of the existence of the webpage and I have seen Download Buttons
before - thanks ?!

My question was if the download environment within LiveCode wich
is now gone in the 8 line, will return or if you plan to stick with the webpage

And if you stick with the webpage there is no upload button :-)


> Am 18.03.2016 um 12:00 schrieb use-livecode-request at
> Hi Rolf,
> I've asked Elanor (who wrote the new Start Center) and she says:
>> You can still download Sample Stacks.  Rather than using the Sample 
> Stacks window within the IDE we now open the LiveCode Share site in a 
> browser.  All the same sample stacks are available there
>> To download a stack just select it in the list to see the details. 
> There is a Download Now button which allows you to download the stack.

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