Summary: Open source, closed source, and the value of code

Robert Mann rman at
Wed Mar 2 11:03:35 EST 2016

hi, thanks for confirming what I guess is motherships point of view.
That was'n at all crystal clear, but you now made it clear : 
no split license what so ever for live code community.

<< Absolutely every piece of software is derived from a set of files which 
can be considered the 'source code' - whether that be actual 
source-code, artwork, music, prose, or whatever - which is then 
processed using some set of tools to produce something that you can 
actually run and use - this is always 100% crystal clear. >>

It might be a good thing for the community to append your examples of when
to use Community and where to use Closed/commercial with that case with at
least the 2 following cases :

1) I intend to include in a community stack content that is outside of the
GPL scope => please use commercial version
2) i intend to test an app in the community by some distribution to some
public ==> please use commercial version

Finaly, your precise wording is quite wide, and that raises a question :

 ?? Does that paragraph cited above mean that live code would regard the
strategy of deploying a community "reader app" for a certain type of
separate content not welcomed as being outside the scope of the GPL mantra
as they see it??? Thanks for confirming that.


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