Card SnapShot from Negative Rect?

BNig bernd.niggemann at
Mon Jun 6 15:42:29 EDT 2016

Hi Scott,

what happens if you reference the object directly:

on mouseUp
   export snapshot from field 1 of group 1 to tImg as png
   set the text of image 1 to tImg
   put the rect of field 1 of group 1
end mouseUp


on mouseUp
   import snapshot from field 1 of group 1 
   put the rect of field 1 of group 1
end mouseUp

the rect of field 1 being 327,-125,577,-69

both work for me in LC 7.1.4. Both retain transparency.

Kind regards

Scott Rossi wrote
> Anyone know how to snapshot a rect location of a card that includes
> negative values?
> In LC 7.1.3, I have an object in a group that's scrolled out of view,
> resulting in the object's rect having negative values.  I want to snapshot
> the object, but I'm unable to snapshot any part of the card outside the
> card's rect (where the rect contains values less than zero).  I know it's
> possible to snapshot an offscreen stack, but can't seem to do this with an
> offscreen object on a card.
> Any option for this besides locking the screen and moving the object to a
> visible location?
> Thanks,
> Scott Rossi

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