"fork" command?

Monte Goulding monte at appisle.net
Fri Jan 8 16:53:57 EST 2016

> On 9 Jan 2016, at 8:24 am, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at fourthworld.com> wrote:
> I'm fine with writing some code so the main process hands off tasks to workers.  The issue I've run into is that I've found no way to hand the socket connection to the worker.

This is unnecessary. The basic idea with FastCGI is you have a process sitting there that is waiting for a request, handles the request and goes back to waiting for the next one. mod_fcgid, spawn_fcgi and I’m sure other things take this a step further by farming out the requests over multiple processes. Often the processes will have a life of say 500 requests where they will be killed and replaced to protect against memory leaks etc. I’m sure there’s ways to dynamically start up more processes depending on server load too… Mind you it’s just as easy to spin up a whole new instance of your VPS these days… maybe in a different location closer to your customers.



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