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Roland Huettmann roland.huettmann at
Mon Feb 29 08:56:28 EST 2016

Well, Mark, I like the word "creative" )

Hobbyists, students etc not able or willing to pay the full fees and still
wishing to have some reflection of protecting code could form an
association which would receive full rights from LiveCode to protect code
in the name of the association, and all members of the association would
have an internal agreement about protection. There could be an agreement
that if such rights are claimed by a member then he could obtain them for a
fee and change status, or leave the association and go for Indy or Business

If such association would pay 10,000 dollars a month to LiveCode, it would
need 500 hobbyists and students paying 20 dollars a month to raise such
money not counting big overhead costs and not making any profit which an
association does not have to make.


I am working in Africa a lot, mainly Togo, Ghana etc.. There is hardly any
student able to survive a month, and his or her ability to pay would be
zero. But it would be an excellent ground for LiveCode for really reach big
masses of students and developers if we would promote it. A community
version is essential, but also protected versions are of need. Where to get
the funding? Aid programs?

In any case, we are glad that we have a community version !


To put myself into the shoes of hobbyists/students in need of some kind of
code protection: I personally would feel kind of pushed to order now at
least an Indy license to not loose the opportunity to keep a low pricing
schema later. It is only this one point which would make me a bit sour.
Even if it is meant in a nice way, it is a kind of unpleasant feeling that
now I must decide about something that I - hobbyist - may only need in
future, or never will need at all, but should decide to pay right away to
not loose the benefit of lower recurring payments. And then even today such
Indy license is double the price that I would usually be willing to pay
just to keep going without expectation of much reward. Just the price
target - and the future price especially - would make me think a lot. Since
it may become not affordable for a lot of people in near future, it
triggers the thought of stepping out now. Or it is an incentive to step in

So, from such point of view it become a kind of "futures" trading - with
risks involved when leveraging the future.

Well, there are equally valid other points of view, and I could also put
myself into their shows including the shoes of the team itself.


On 29 February 2016 at 12:37, Mark Rauterkus <mark.rauterkus at>

> Bravo to Tore Nilsen in this thread. Spot on.
> I mighy call myself a Hobbyists too, but I LOVE the open source community
> version.
> Those with extra cash who desire to support the Mothership may want to
> invest into a new LiveCode feature from time to time. Or, attend a LiveCode
> event.
> I think the open source business model is splendid.
> As a hobbyists, we need to be more creative. Sell your services, get a
> retainer, do extras with the next upgrade to customize, make money on ads,
> sell a book, be a paid speaker / presenter, etc.
> Face it, open source LiveCode is still impossible for 99.99% of the world
> to modify and cheat you from. Yake and resell without permission. And if
> that happens, the public scorn would be bad. The backlash would be ugly.
> Mark Rauterkus
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