LiveCode for the Hobbyists

Mark Rauterkus mark.rauterkus at
Mon Feb 29 06:37:45 EST 2016

Bravo to Tore Nilsen in this thread. Spot on.

I mighy call myself a Hobbyists too, but I LOVE the open source community

Those with extra cash who desire to support the Mothership may want to
invest into a new LiveCode feature from time to time. Or, attend a LiveCode

I think the open source business model is splendid.

As a hobbyists, we need to be more creative. Sell your services, get a
retainer, do extras with the next upgrade to customize, make money on ads,
sell a book, be a paid speaker / presenter, etc.

Face it, open source LiveCode is still impossible for 99.99% of the world
to modify and cheat you from. Yake and resell without permission. And if
that happens, the public scorn would be bad. The backlash would be ugly.

Mark Rauterkus

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