LiveCode for the Hobbyists

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Sat Feb 27 02:56:58 EST 2016

> Monte wrote:
> Apples/oranges you are comparing proprietary extensions with something created
> just for the fun of it with no intent to commercialise. Cheers Monte
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> > hh wrote:
> > Why are you hiding your externals code? Could it be that a simple 
> > student who has a good idea, wants to hide his code, may be only for a 
> > while, for similar reasons? 

You may be right at your current level of thinking.
Now try to think one more level abstract: Apples and oranges are both fruits.

A good idea and good code doesn't depend on the proprietary state while
working for that. So, why can a student/hobbyist who has a good idea not
have the same reasoning as you for hiding such code? He may buy the cheap/
affordable proprietary state to hide it (for a while, until he can afford
the more expensive offers)?

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