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Sun Feb 28 14:00:01 EST 2016

> 28. feb. 2016 kl. 19.11 skrev Robert Mann <rman at>:
> Use open sourced for in house commercial application! whouaou!! 
> that does not really sound very open source.. kind of twisting the game in
> way.

This is where I think you get open source wrong. Open source does not mean non commercial. It is totally in line with the licence to develop commercial applications with the community version of LiveCode. Open source only means that you can not lock in the source code for your program. 

If you think that you need to protect your source code, you then need to deploy it with an indy or business version of LiveCode. The good thing about the community version is that you may well use it to develop your application, and you do not have to buy an indy or business version until you think you have an application worth protecting.

You then open the stack you created in community version with your new version of LiveCode, set the password to protect the code and deploy it to whatever platform you like. And to be fair, if you think that your application has any financial meritt, the cost of an Indy version should not frighten anyone from paying for it. If your application is not going to generate more than the cost of the indy version, then you probably should not bother bringing it to the market. 

I can see how it would come in handy, also for hobbies to be able to lock down their applications from time to time. However, in order for LiveCode as a company, to make enough money to support the development of LiveCode, they need to make a clear distinction between free versions of LiveCode and payed version of the application.

In order to shoehorn in a version of LiveCode between community and indy, they would seriously need to cripple the community version. As it is today, with LiveCode 8 you get more functionality in the community version, as you can deploy to html5, without paying anything. Developers with an Indy version would need to pay an extra $499 to deploy to html5. 


Tore Nilsen

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