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Robert Mann rman at
Sun Feb 28 13:11:37 EST 2016

Yes Richmond, we're in exactly the same boat.

Use open sourced for in house commercial application! whouaou!! 
that does not really sound very open source.. kind of twisting the game in
if you (I) sideways use that for business, I would prefer to chunk in just a
few more bucks in to have latest developments that can (eventually!??) win
some time (although.. that remains to be seen!)
And that is the whole point we made about the hobbyist use :: it could get
some money for mothership and let us  move as slowly as you seem to move
(smile.. version 4.5!!!)

of course Communty version is fantastic for any education purpose.. not a
single doubt.

And now, for next version of devawriter, will you pay up 1000€ for the
newest version?
let us know!

Last : about being fussy about code protection, taking a step back, the
whole point is whether it is a good thing in practice to do completely away
with our centuries long copyright/droit d'auteur principles, or not.

it seemed a good principle, but it may not actually be a good thing in the
long run.

For instance with the new possibilities of micro-payments, it may very well
turn out that preserving rights and encouraging quality/retribution of some
work "put out in the commons" can be very positive factor leading to better
quality contributions.

In a few words, YES, Community Version is fantastic for =
-- structure contributor, people who engage in developing the tool and
actively share libraries and so on,
-- lonely self centric hobbyists who play around in close circle and
eventually make good use of the tools to run their business (nothing
personal really.. just a point)

But there maybe IS (??) some other kind of potential contributions that in
the existing framework do not find their place. And possibly these
contributions could actually help in the education field.

Say :: you teacher develop a eerie of exercises to teach maths. Fine, it
does take time. You do a lot of them. Some day you think it is a good idea
to put them all together and eventually sell the whole lot.; to schools,
(for which in france at least there are some budgets). 
You used community version.. tricky! Maybe looses motivation after a while.
You bought a 1000 dollars yearly license.. during 10 years, that was a bold
You had a true Indy-hobbist that all in all cost you 100 dollars per year,
you'r OK and you kept your motivation.

Now multiply that by a few.???

it may be that this few is too few. and that would explain the move towards
a professionalisation of the closed  live code tool. But that is a major
move for a few of us. I'm not weening and I fully accept it, but better say
loud and clear what IS happening.

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