LiveCode for the Hobbyists

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Fri Feb 26 20:46:10 EST 2016

OK I'm completely confused. I'd like to suggest it's my inability to grasp
the English language but I read some of these post over and over and I
can't just come to any other conclusion the world has turned upside down.

Way back people were complaining that Revolution was too expensive. The
company listened and gave as FREE Community LiveCode. What a hobbyist's
dream. Now people are complain that they can't pay for it????

Have no influence??? The Company regularly puts out surveys so that users
can have their say. And they clearly listen.

You want to pay to have influence???? I thought that is exactly what the
Feature Exchange programme was ALL about. Forget democracy, where the
previous surveys were being used to drive the direction of LiveCode based
on hard numbers within the community needing certain features; lets let
money do the talking and bring a few features straight to the top of the
list. I donated a little to the OS X 64 Bit but THANK YOU Todd Fabacher for
really making that happen.

Now that I think about it, the world isn't upside down it's.... perfectly
the same. You just can't please everyone and some people just have to
complain about something... surprised our List curmudgeon hasn't made an
appearance (I hope he's OK):

Didn't cater for hobbyists - restructured the pricing policy
Still too expensive -> now a free community version
The company doesn't listen -> regular surveys
Too buggy -> the late great Bill Marriott and his legacy of a better QCC
mobile support - we have it
Needs to be brought into the future - LC 8 will take us there
Needs to happen faster -> Kickstarter did that
Needs to happen even faster -> Feature Exchange does that
We're kept in the dark -> newsletters, now blog posts
The company doesn't listen -> team members EVERY DAY posting to this List
LiveCode needs this feature or that feature -> it's open source, go ahead
and add it yourself... deathly silence

To the team members, as I know you are reading, please understand that the
world is OK and your doing a GREAT JOB!

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