DataGrid (Documentation)

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Feb 25 13:56:03 EST 2016

On 2/25/2016 11:44 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> I did a quick search on Google for "livecode data grid lessons", and
> found this as the first hit:
> <>

Richard helps make my earlier point about documentation. Yes, there are
lessons on the LiveCode site and there is a large PDF on the LiveCode
site and I personally have both bookmarked. However, both of which, if
you are in the LiveCode IDE (any version), you must SEARCH for outside
of the LiveCode IDE. Every other LiveCode provided
extension/library/enhancement (revZIP, revXML, etc. etc.) whether
external or library (libURL, etc.) you can access documentation on from
within the LiveCode IDE. It may be an easy search to find the DataGrid
information online (Googling "livecode datagrid" does it), but is is
still a search outside of the IDE.

I was not so much specifically asking about converting the DataGrid to a
Widget. I use the DataGrid as it is just fine and don't particularly
need it converted to a Widget.

My point was it has been a long and glaring inconsistency in LiveCode
where the dataGrid is the ONLY LiveCode "thing" with no documentation in

There should be at least ONE of the following:

The DataGrid APIs in the Dictionary
A link to the DataGrid PDF documentation in the Help menu
A single dictionary entry for the DataGrid that provides a link to the
lessons and PDF

I would have like to have seen this inconsistency fixed in LC 6.x or 7.x
and the only reason I mentioned version 8dp15 is that version 8 is where
the changes are occurring. I seem to recall seeing some sort of
cummunity effort to improve the dictionary and documentation. I
apologize that I don't remember the details of this effort or how to
submit this to that effort, but that effort should add this to the list
of doc issues to resolve.

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