Release 8.0 DP 14

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Fri Feb 5 11:26:56 EST 2016

Ferreting out bugs in new LC versions a real time waster until one

1) I did not have to learn Objective C for iOS.
2) I did not have to have to learn Java for Android.
3) I don't have to step thru strings old school to find
4) I can deploy to multiple desktop/mobile platforms.
5) Being able to put an http url into a variable
6) Being able to write a web service to access databases in a day.
7) All the community resources like FastJson that I just used the other day
to deal with a web service.
8) HTML 5 deployment.

The list goes on-and-on. In the large picture I save way more time than I
lose. It's a net gain for me.

Ralph DiMola
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Dr. Hawkins wrote:

 > On Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 4:14 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> "Developer Preview" is not "Stable", but the purpose of a DP is to  >>
allow everyone the opportunity to make sure "Stable" is stable.
 >> So start testing with v8 today.
 >> LC is both broad and deep.  Testing a new engine version with your  >>
specific project is the only way to ensure that version will meet  >> your
project's specific needs.
 > Time is an issue here; that's why I'm paying for a commercial product.
 > I've already reduced my law practice to accommodate this; adding  >
testing time for the ext version (with a different file format) would  >
mean cutting into the bone on my income; my kids need to eat.

Suit yourself.

I regard testing new software my business relies on as part of the ongoing
cost of developing and maintaining my products.

You know better than most that given the combinatorial explosion of possible
syntax and feature options that it's not possible for anyone but you to test
the specific combinations your software relies on.

The rest of us will do some of your testing for you in the course of testing
our own work, and if you're in a gambling mood you're free to bet on the
possibility that how we use LC is exactly the same as how you use it.

Personally, I wouldn't take that bet myself, but I'm not much of a gambler.

  Richard Gaskin
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