Players in HTML5 - ETA for Full Functionality?

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Thu Feb 25 01:10:34 EST 2016

On 25/02/2016 05:59, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:

> So back to my question: is there another way to play media using
> other means beside a player?

Not that I'm aware of.

> I will test the browser widget myself (I'm assuming it will work in
> an HTML5 standalone.)

No, the browser widget is not available in HTML5 standalones (and indeed 
actually *can't* be for the time being due to the way that it works).

I posted recently-ish about the problems making certain types of 
LiveCode features (such as "wait" and the "URL" chunk) work in the HTML5 
engine.  I'm sure you can find the e-mail in the list archives.  Those 
same considerations apply to many of the other yet-to-be-implemented 

If you'd like to see multimedia and network connectivity in Community 
HTML5 standalones, you can speed up their delivery by finding a solution 
to those problems other than "redefine half the LiveCode Script 
language" or "rewrite the entire LiveCode engine".

You don't need to "bang the drum" about HTML5 Player control support. 
*I KNOW*.  I will implement it as soon as 1) it becomes technically 
possible to do so and/or (2) a developer has time to work on it.

If you want it sooner: you can accelerate (1) by contributing the open 
source project; and you can accelerate (2) by contributing to the open 
source project or giving us more money (e.g. by buying an HTML5 
deployment license, or by getting a Business license and purchasing 
dedicated developer time).

By the way, the same considerations apply to all the other "critically 
important feature requests" you so frequently put into the bug tracker, 


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