Players in HTML5 - ETA for Full Functionality?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu Feb 25 00:59:20 EST 2016

I realize my tone is a bit "strident" ... sorry about that.

Of course we don't expect something all at once, my problem and the problem of many here is that while the rest of the digital revolution has forged head with huge advances in multi-media delivery. LC is still many years behind.

 So if we can run Landstat Satellites and entire Universities (vienna), I humbly submit that it's time to realize "you did it" when it comes to data management... and to put media delivery at the forefront of the agenda not at the end of the agenda.

The current generation is all about audio and video.  "expect... all at once...." Many of us have been asking for audio/video improvements for well over the past ten years. So it's not as if we are coming out of the blue....

"difficult port" ?? there are any number of media player frameworks built on JS... Perhaps I'm very dense, but JS is use for media deliver *everywhere*... It's not about a player exactly.. but just to be able to stream audio and video.

So back to my question: is there another way to play media using other means beside a player?

I will test the browser widget myself (I'm assuming it will work in an HTML5 standalone.)


On February 24, 2016 at 5:18:00 PM, Monte Goulding (monte at<mailto:monte at>) wrote:

Did you expect such a major and technically difficult port of the platform to all arrive in one blob without any progressive development? As is HTML5 deployment will be quite functional for quite a number of apps. It seems reasonable to me that those that don’t need or can work around some of the currently un-ported features should have the opportunity to use it.



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