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Thu Feb 25 03:27:55 EST 2016

> On 24 Feb 2016, at 22:13, stephen barncard <stephenREVOLUTION2 at> wrote:
> But my question is ... why is it so S L O W ??

I have asked this question a number of times and don’t believe I ever got a full answer.

I think the why is easy.

Its because it is built using multiple live code fields and manipulating data in these fields when scrolling is pushing live code scripting
probably to and beyond it’s limits. For smallish tables it works adequately but as the number of rows and columns increases the performance diminishes
to a point where you say to yourself it is is not useable. I believe it was probably created by Trevor Devore because he had a need and live code didn’t
provide a table/grid at the time.
It will never scroll smoothly as say Objective-C tables in Xcode as the data grid probably relies on moving the cell contents from field to field to simulate scrolling
so to the eye it does not appear to be smooth. This again is not helped by the fact it is done in script which in comparison to compiled is slow.

There really needs to be a version created in a c or c++ or objective-c or whatever that is compiled into the the live code system.

Until this happens Livecode to my mind will not be able to compete with development environments that provide a “Proper” table solution.

There are clearly a lot of man hours required to develop a native table and it appears that Livecode management at the moment do not seem willing to expend them?

and.. maybe for Open Source users it will never be available as LiveCode will maybe charge extra for it?

Not looking for a debate because I have tried all solutions to what Stephen Barncard is suffering and none really provide a “Professional” solution.

It would be great if I am wrong and LiveCode in version 8 incorporated a table that was scriptable and performed at the speed a table should in a professional
development environment.

Fingers crossed.

All the best


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