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Tue Feb 9 13:59:01 EST 2016

Pierre Sahores wrote:

>> Le 9 févr. 2016 à 01:27, Richard Gaskin a écrit :
>> Pierre Sahores wrote:
>> > Story made short : Appart the amazing Lua platform (preferably set
>> > as an Openresty one), well configured LC application’s servers
>> > still outperforms anything available around (Websphere, Tomcat,
>> > PHP5/7, Perl5, NodeJS, Go, Python, RoR,…). In-between, LC
>> > application’s server is 60 times faster than the stock’s Livecode
>> > CGI Server.
>> Can we have the story made long? :)
> Only related to the test config set-up using voluntarily a very
> minimalistic cluster of 3 low-powered boxes. Nginx does perfectly the
> load-balancer job (very low top average) but OpenLiteSpeed should
> have being a good proposal too in the same rôle (untested), where
> lighttpd or apache2 seemed less productive, at least, at first glance.
>> What do you mean by "LC application’s servers"?  A socket server?
> Precisely.
>> Can you share some code?
> Not at this time.

I look forward to when you can.

I use standalones as CGIs exclusively, using LC Server only for testing 
to help others.  I've not considered a possible performance gain in 
doing so; I do it mostly to have things that are testable in the IDE. It 
would be helpful to be able to pin down where the performance difference 
lie so Server can be made at least as efficient as using a standalone 
for CGI work - speed is so much more critical in a CGI context than on 
the desktop.

As for socket servers, last night I ran a test pitting a slim HTTPd made 
in LC (inspired by Raney's, but using new code), and I found 
good news and bad news:

The bad news is that even a slender HTTPd in LC was only slightly more 
than half as fast as Apache2.

The good news was that a slender HTTPd thrown together in a couple hours 
in LC scripts was more than half as fast as the highly-optimized C 
written by a team of specialists in Apache2! :)

HTTP isn't the heaviest protocol in the world, but it's also not the 
lightest.  It may be a bit much to expect that a LiveCode script could 
outperform Apache, and far more realistic to compare it to PHP and 
Python, where it's not surprising it performs very favorably.

But if time and circumstances permit, it would be helpful to learn 
whatever details you can share on your experiments.  Your work has 
always been among the most inspiring in our community with regard to 
using LC on servers, and we can learn much from your good efforts.

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