LiveCode library inclusion in Standalones...

Paul Dupuis paul at
Tue Feb 9 14:25:42 EST 2016

I have run into a minor oddity. In general, when building standalones, I
prefer to have the Standalone builder set to:

Search for the required inclusions when saving the standalone application
Select inclusions for the standalone application [and manually
identifying the libraries to include]

My reasoning (right or wrong) is that auto-detection SHOULD be the more
effecient approach in that LiveCode would install just the bits that I
am using and not stuff I am not, where as in a large and complex
project, I might forget to include something I need (of accidentally
un-selecting some library when selecting another) OR include a library I
don't really need.

What I have run into is that libURL is not being autodetected and
included. If I manually pick my inclusions and select the "Internet",
all is well. If choose automatic, no libURL. I already know that when
libURL is included it is added as a hidden group in the main stack and
so is not available until the main stack has loaded. My code executes a
send in time call to code that then fetches a couple URLs and POSTs some
data to another couple URLs. Again, when manually included, this code
all works.

My question is: Does anyone know HOW autodetection works? Does it only
look for keywords in scripts in the main stack? My code for doing a
couple put URLs and then some posts is located in two places: a
(library) substack of the main stack, with the start using occurring
during the 'startup' message and in an external stack that is opened
invisible into memory, also during the 'startup' message.

What code do I need where for the Standalone builder to auto detect 
that libURL should be included?

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