LiveCode library inclusion in Standalones...

Paul Dupuis paul at
Tue Feb 9 16:10:41 EST 2016

On 2/9/2016 3:30 PM, Ali Lloyd wrote:
> It *should* be checking the scripts of all stacks, substacks, cards and
> controls for any lines containing any of
> libUrl,cachedURL,cachedURLs,ftp,http,https,load,post,resetAll,URL,URLStatus
> Check out the command revSmartChecking in stack revSaveAsStandalone.
> It does sound like a bug - what version are you using?

Thank you for the confirmation of how auto-detection works.

I am using LC 6.7.6 under Windows 8.1. My main stack has 40 substacks,
one of which is a library stack that contain several 'put URL tURLVar
into ...' and 'post' statements that is definitely not being detected by
the standalone builder. As noted the internet code in this library
substack works perfectly when I explicitly include libURL or use a dummy
handler in the card script of the main stack, which DOES cause
appropriate auto-detection and inclusion.

So the dummy handler addresses my immediate issue. If I can find the
time, i will try to create a test stack with a single substack and test
under LC6.7.8/9 and 7.x and 8.x, but this month is very busy.

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