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Fri Feb 5 16:59:13 EST 2016

Dr. Hawkins wrote:

 > I've seen a couple of references to "script only stacks".
 > Are these just pieces of code?  Outside of a standalone, would they
 > be used as library stacks, or ????

They were introduced in the v6.7 series (6.7.4?), allowing a plain text 
file that begins with a specific declaration to be used as stacks.

The declaration is:

   script <stackname>


   script "revcommonlibrary"

You'll find many of these in your LC folder in 

Not only are they useful as libraries, but behaviors have been extended 
to allow stacks now as well, so you can use script-only stacks for all 
generalized code.

Script-only stacks allow us to design projects in which code is mostly 
in plain text files; we still get to enjoy the script editor, but can 
also directly integrate our work with workflows based around most common 
version control tools, like GitHub, in which UI files can e slender 
binaries with little or no code and everything else is plain text.

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