IDE license expiring?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Feb 5 12:56:24 EST 2016

Peter Bogdanoff wrote:

 > When I open the LC IDE I am getting a pop up message when the
 > application opens, “Livecode License File Expiring 6.1.3 Your
 > current license file is about to expire. Please connect your
 > computer to the internet to fetch a new license file. 5 days
 > remaining”
 > I am connected to the internet, yet get this…
 > What to do?

Buy a new reg server for LC. :)

This may or may not be related, but in recent months I've had difficulty 
registering nearly every new install I've put on my machine, with the 
reg window reporting that it had trouble contacting the server.

I've notified Support a couple times when this happened, but of course 
you know the old rule:  the quickest way to resolve a problem is to 
report it to Support, at which time the problem will no longer be 
evident. :)

That's what happened here: the issue has been intermittent and therefore 
difficult to reproduce.  But I saw it again just yesterday twice, once 
when installing v8dp14 on my Linux box and again on my Win7 box.

May not be related to the issue you're having, but if it is it suggests 
something can be done to tidy up the reg server and/or the IDE code that 
contacts it to make it more responsive.

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