Make a Group Bereft of All Layout Properties

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Feb 5 11:17:48 EST 2016

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:

 > Am I the only one who frequently wishes that groups could be made as
 > a kind of class or abstraction? By this I mean, I want to establish
 > a group that would, by default,
 >  take the rect of the card (dynamically if it were resized)
 > have no border or any graphical properties of any kind as an “object”
 > i.e. the group is an abstactions: a collection of objects, while
 > itself not having any UI props at all.
 > use case is: You want to place objects into a group, but the objects
 > are not bounded, graphical by any rect. You will never be placing
 > this particular group to a location as such, only it’s members.
 > Currently if you create, for example, a field, set graphic effects
 > etc. and want to make it a group so that it can be placed on multiple
 > cards, you have to struggle to ward off the group border, the group
 > rect acts as a mask that cuts the outglow effect etc.  any attempts
 > to change the size of the group using handles then “messes” with the
 > object inside it…
 > Is there a way to have a group be just a class of objects? with no
 > properties that will interfere at all with the objects it contains?

If you set the lockLoc of the group to false and its borderwidth to 
zero, I think you'll have what you're looking for:  no visible 
appearance, automatically resizing to fit its contained objects without 
altering their positions, yet still placeable on multiple cards and 
providing another layer in the message path for common code.

If groups don't currently adjust to allow for changes in the graphic 
effects of contained objects IMO this would be a bug worth submitting.

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