Transparency across Gradient

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Apr 26 18:50:16 EDT 2016


This was done in InDesign..A common design strategy on mobile where type on top of images is managed by placing a transparent object behind the type that is translucent and fades to nothing at the edge.

Though I understand the gradient prop pretty well and the alpha option … I’m unable to find settings for the gradient ramp that  falls off as smoothly as it does in Indesign.


The breaks between the end point for 1 color with alpha 255 (fully opaque) to the white endpoint that falls off to alpha 0 (transparent)… is not smooth… neither is the break between the end of the lower end point (white) that is full transparent, to the background image itself...

Can you match the indesign look?

 If so, post your gradient array here (keys/values for this linear array)


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