functions may be called as commands in IDE, but not in standalone

Mark Waddingham mark at
Wed Sep 2 11:01:01 EDT 2015

>> Therefore, if you are seeing this in the IDE then it is likely via
>> something IDE specific you are using *or* you have lingering 
>> definitions in
>> a library stack or similar somewhere which you are loading into the 
>> IDE
> I'll create another test, then.  It may have run the code in an older
> version, but I know the code executed in the IDE for the simple reason 
> that
> I have the resultant directory  . . .

I suspect this is a lingering definition which was somewhere in the 
message path in the IDE.

When the engine looks for what handler to call it checks each stage in 
the message path in order for the pair (handler type, handler name). So, 
if you have (command, myFunc) at one level, and (function, myFunc) at 
another level:
   get myFunc()

Will call different handlers.


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