cut doesn't throw error when failing in standalone

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> cut doesn't throw error when failing in standalone
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> Wed Sep 2 16:15:54 CEST 2015
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> While I"m at my oddball reporting:
> When attempting to cut in a standalone within a password protected stack,
> it fails without throwing an error.   I finally found the issue by looking
> at "the result".
> Is this already reported?

It was raised as a discussion in the Engine Contributors section of the 

My OP there outlines the complicated set of "sometimes" rules that 
currently require those learning LiveCode to study the details of every 
command to know which fork of error handling will be used ("the result" 
vs "try/catch"), suggesting the possibility of an alternative single 
function to obtain error info.

In reply Mark Waddingham noted relevant details about why that may not 
always be possible, suggesting that if a single path were pursued going 
forward it may perhaps require wrapping all commands that may generate 
errors in try/catch constructs.

While I would prefer of course not to have to write four lines of code 
where I used to write two, the discussion covers some interesting 
considerations about error handling well worth reading.  It's not quite 
as simple as I had once hoped.

Perhaps after reading that you or one of the others here may have a 
simpler solution to propose.

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