Goodbye stsMLXEditor

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Wed Sep 2 10:59:28 EDT 2015

On 09/02/2015 05:43 AM, Kay C Lan wrote:

>> You don't think you're being a bit over dramatic?

Who? Me? lol.

Seriously, though... here's a case in point.

When I first released PowerDebug it was wide open as far a catching any 
problems. Soon users started reporting that they were seeing weird 
system errors with PowerDebug in the system but were not seeing them 
without it. And naturally they would blame PowerDebug for the errors, 
and this makes sense as a root cause - remove PD and things work again. 
So I had to dumb things down a bit in the next release in order to avoid 
the IDE stack errors.

  Mark Wieder
  ahsoftware at

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