Quicktime in Windows 10?

Klaus major-k klaus at major-k.de
Mon Oct 19 18:03:43 EDT 2015

Hi Paul,

> Am 20.10.2015 um 00:00 schrieb Paul Dupuis <paul at researchware.com>:
> On 10/19/2015 5:44 PM, Klaus major-k wrote:
>> QuickTime is dead, I’m afraid, so hopefully we'll see a new crossplatform 
>> audio/video widget in the near future.
> Well QT is not dead. It runs and works under Windows (XP to 10) and OSX
> (through El Capitan). It's just that Apple will not provide any
> support/new releases IF some part of it stops working under some future
> OS change, so there is risk that QT could stop working with the next
> Apple or Microsoft OS patch. QT might still work under Windows 11 and
> OSX 10.12 OR a minor security update to either OS could break QT for
> good tomorrow.

OK, QuickTime is not dead, but it smells funny :-D


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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