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Pierre Sahores wrote:
 > Le 21 juil. 2015 à 23:35, Richard Gaskin a écrit :
 >> And given human nature, those who are satisfied with the change
 >> will be happily enjoying it rather than writing about it, giving
 >> disproportionate voice to a relatively small subset of the group.
 > ;D

Don't mind providing a chuckle, but that wasn't meant as a joke or a 
dig, just a sober observation across pretty much all industries.

Ask any product manager, or restaurant owner, or retail manager, or 
anyone else who thoroughly reviews customer feedback.  Sentiment almost 
always skews negative, not because all products and services are bad, 
but mostly because happy customers don't take the time to write.

I sometimes do, with restaurants and retailers and more.  When I've had 
a good experience I share it with them, if only because I know how hard 
their job is, and positive feedback can be as useful as negative.  In 
just about every case the response I get is just short of shock - some 
of those managers have never had a customer take the time to say 
something nice.

It's not even necessarily a bad reflection on human nature.  It's just 
something people do.  If there's a problem, they need to have it 
addressed, but when things are going well their attention is on the 
result they're getting with the product rather than the product itself.

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