New License Idea for Hobbyists

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jul 21 17:44:38 EDT 2015

Lynn Fredricks wrote:

 > For example, consider $99 for commercial for free applications.
 > You could have a company buy such a license, and produce all sorts
 > of compiled applications for internal use, or use by their customers.
 > They are still generating a profit off of whatever is being supported
 > by the free applications. They could also use the FOSS community
 > version too, which would probably be fine for any applications used
 > internally - but they might be reluctant to distribute those FOSS
 > apps if a competitor can get some advantage from it.


If it represents material value to a company, the license is a bargain.

And if that competitive advantage isn't worth even a few hundred bucks, 
why bother?

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