Diesel is down

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 14:27:51 EDT 2015

Face facts, RunRev's web system: servers, web-pages are totally 
compromised at present, and  unless RunRev gets
its act together really quickly they are going to end up with both mud 
on their faces and a major loss of faith on the
half of their loyal installed base.

It is pretty telling that RunRev are NOT making any sort of obvious 
effort to keep us informed about what is going one, and what
they are doing (if they are doing anything beyond sitting in Edinburgh 
and dithering in the hope that things will just go away) to
rectify what is an extremely bad situation.

Of course cynical types might line up the situation with the servers and 
the website with the fact that they obviously hired a
bloody bad company to do their web-design (about whom they were crowing 
about 2 years ago) resulting in an un-navigable
pig's breakfast . . .

Malice in Wonderland? or

plain incompetence in certain areas which highly skilled software 
developers should not have to concern themselves
and should be taken care of by competent web-designers?  or

some deeper seated malaise? or

a crisis of will?

I don't know what is going on,

BUT, what I do know is that a company that have produced what I believ 
to be one of the most innovative programming environments
that very successfully strikes the balance between "traditional" 
programming languages and the "MIckey Mouse brigade" seems to have
lost a very large part of the plot somewhere . . .

. . . blame DDoS attacks if you want . . . but that will only keep 
people off your backs for so long . . . and makes bloody bad advertising 


If one wants to get personal, I was informed that RunRev were going to 
run a feature about my LiveCode classes in my school in
Bulgaria, and was sent a sort of questionnaire . . .

What is the result?

Some thing that does me NO favours at all, is obviously just cobbled 
together out of the answers to my questionnaire coupled
with 2 of the least useful images from my FaceBook page and presented as 
if I had written the thing.

I would NEVER have written something so illiterate and plain bloody bad!

I have worked as a University lecturer in 5 Universities world-wide, and 
that sort of article would not stand up to anything of
that sort for 5 minutes and makes me look like some sort of schoolboy 
hobbyist, which I can quite assure you I am not.

Had I known that the answers to the questionnaire were to be presented 
as an article by myself I would have sat down and spent
at least a day, and probably longer, to produce a credible piece, 
complete with Bibliography, that did justice to what I was doing, instead of
what it ended up as: a squib giving the impression that I was 
dumbing-down programming for a load of dopey children: far from the truth!

I will, after the dust has settled, and my temper [which is UTTERLY 
FILTHY at present] has returned to something like an even keel, write
a PROPER explanation of what I am doing [probably a summary of the paper 
I will be presenting to an academic conference in September]
which I shall append as an appendix to the farcical "How to teach 
coding" thing in the BLOG.


Aye wrang, aye wrang, aye wrang.

An I for yin am fair forjeskit anent ilka o RunRev's recent 
"initiatives". An aiblins I'll be awa fae here eftir 14-15 towmonds forbye,
as aa is a richt scunner juist now.


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