[OT] Print to PDF

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 00:53:05 CET 2015

This is not LC related but as you are the largest group of varied OS users
I thought I'd ask. I've just discovered that the very basic OS feature of
being able to 'Print to PDF' may not be available on all OSs. On OS X it's
a feature I use daily.

Particularly in your web browser, if you choose Print, do you have an
option to save to some kind of single file (pdf,doc,...) rather than send
to a physical printer. Please advise the OS, web browser, the kind of file
you can create and where that option is hidden.

[This relates to some very elder gentlemen who I'm trying to help access
some online pages, and then be able to save these pages to view whilst
offline. The 3 web browsers I have all have the ability to Save as.... but
the result is a folder full of media and a bunch of html files and if one
or the other is moved then the document breaks. The structure takes up more
space and it's also harder to clean up as it's more than just one file to
Trash. To me, Print to PDF produces a much cleaner smaller document for
storing, viewing offline and deleting. I was hoping to help them with a
similar single file solution.]

Thanks in advance

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