The owner of a selected control - a mystery

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Sun Feb 22 17:02:21 EST 2015

OK, maybe it wasn¹t using print break that solved the problem for me. The
other thing in my script was to define a rect and  use the print card into
rect form of the print card command as Jacquie suggests. Anyway, the
script I provided works, and avoids the Œextra page¹ problem, so maybe
start there and work backwards.


On 22/02/2015 9:41 pm, "Graham Samuel" <livfoss at> wrote:

>Not quite sure I understand this (I did once, but i¹ve got rusty - oil
>can!). I assumed that the following code would exactly fill a page:
>   set the printCardBorders to true
>   set the printPaperSize to (the width of this card) & "," & (the height
>of this card)
>   set the printMargins to "0,0,0,0"
>   print this card
>But maybe you're saying that there is some hidden factor here. One thing
>I can think of in a physical bit of paper (which a PDF isn't, really) is
>that only certain printers can print to the very edge, so there might be
>a kind of hidden margin (is this "the available print area"?). I am not
>sure if the printPaperRect comes into this: as far as I can see, it
>shouldn't, since the printMargins are measured from the edge of the page
>according to the LC Dictionary. The printing might be cropped if
>edge-to-edge isn't available, but that should not increase the number of
>pages printed, should it?
>I will experiment some more.
>> On 21 Feb 2015, at 21:14, J. Landman Gay <jacque at>
>> On 2/21/2015 10:11 AM, Graham Samuel wrote:
>>> 1. When you print to a pdf file, you often get a blank page. I have
>>> not yet found that the solution offered (putting a Œprint break¹ into
>>> the script) works for me.
>> If the bounds of the printout overrun the available print area, LC will
>>push the content down to another page. It sounds like you may have
>>margins at either the top or bottom of the page that are too large to
>>accomodate the height of the printout.
>> You can set the margins to a smaller number, or use the "print into
>>rect" syntax to scale the output to fit. Remember when dealing with
>>margins that the margins represent the amount of space around the rect
>>of the card itself. If your fields or other controls are not at the very
>>edges of the card, then they will be inset more than just the margin
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