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Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Wed Feb 18 10:30:46 EST 2015

That was just a test to demonstrate the problem I was having and it was a flawed one. I ran into a recursion problem, putting go to card and go back in an openCard handler (DOH!) 

The *actual* problem was that changing the size of the stack caused code further on to fail that normally succeeded. I won’t go into details. Removing the code that changed the size of the stack cleared up the problem. I think I uncovered the same graphics bug that has plagued myself and a few others since 6.7. 

Bob S

> On Feb 17, 2015, at 22:33 , Mick Collins <mickclns at> wrote:
> Hey Bob, it's not 4/1 yet, ya did reconcile yer on and end statements, right?
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> Bob S said
>> on openStack
>> go card 2
>> go back
>> end openCard
>> I end up on card 2. Ideas??
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