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Curry Kenworthy curry at
Wed Feb 18 09:03:35 EST 2015

Graham Samuel:

 > I have a fairly elaborately formatted field (say ‘myFormattedText) -
 > coloured text, different fonts, styles and sizes.
 > I can’t see how I can edit the original text in situ during the
 > development process: so I am reduced to editing the raw html in the
 > ‘myText’ field, which is painful because I haven’t got an editor
 > which will edit the html while displaying it in its final form.

You can edit a document in a word processor, and then get the content 
into your field, without even worrying about HTML in particular. Here 
are some methods:

1. Copy in Word (or another WP or RTE) and paste into LC field.

2. Import Word with WordLib. That handles images too, tables and 
footnotes, etc.

3. Import RTF with LC.

4. Edit with the FieldTrip demo stack (on LC 5.5 or 6.x) and copy, then 
paste into your LC field.

(A couple of bugs in LC 7 affected FieldTrip, and FT is also largely a 
mobile GUI, so it's being updated for the changes in LC 7/8 and iOS 7/8, 
the options for interface looks that people need, plus some other things 
that people want to do with it. There will be a new version soon. But 
you can still edit text with the old version using pre LC 7, and then 
copy and paste into any LC version, or use the htmltext.)

FT demo stack: <>

But simply copying the text from Word and pasting into LC is probably 
the easiest method, and doesn't require anything but LC and a word 
processor. (Doesn't require any of my stuff!) :)

I'm not sure copy/paste works in every platform and setup, but I tried 
it just now with Word 2007 on Win 7 and LC 7.01 and it worked well to 
preserve the text styling such as font, size, color, bgcolor, simple 
bullets, and all the bold italic underline strike super sub.

If copy/paste doesn't handle everything in your document or doesn't work 
on your setup, you could try WordLib.

Or use one of the non-CSS HTML editors that other people listed; those 
are great too.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy
WordLib: Import MS Word and OpenOffice documents

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