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Wed Feb 18 12:28:02 CET 2015

Have you tried using Brackets together with the Chrome-browser? This will give you a live update of the html in the Chrome browser as you edit the code in Brackets. 

My students use Brackets for their html tasks, and I am also using it myself to produce html-pages to be displayed in the browser object in one of my applications. If you know basic html you will be able to produce your stuff without to much hassle. You will off course have to copy and past the html from Brackets into LiveCode unless you opt for the browser solution.


> 18. feb. 2015 kl. 10.32 skrev Graham Samuel <livfoss at>:
> Folks, the muddle is mine. I am in the situation where I have a fairly elaborately formatted field (say ‘myFormattedText) - coloured text, different fonts, styles and sizes. This text is static in my standalone, but I have often needed to change it during development. I have not found a simple way to do this, and I have now resorted to having a ‘plain text’ field (‘myText’) with the whole html of the target field in it, and at initialisation time I execute:
>  set the htmlText of fld “myFormattedText” to fld “myText”
> This seems kind of mad, but I can’t see how I can edit the original text in situ during the development process: so I am reduced to editing the raw html in the ‘myText’ field, which is painful because I haven’t got an editor which will edit the html while displaying it in its final form. So I just use a text editor like TextWrangler (this is on a Mac). Of course in doing this I make loads of mistakes.
> I’ve been doing this for some time, but my approach must be wrong - it’s just too clunky.
> What does everyone else do?
> Graham
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