Stream Video in LC Player

Jim Lambert jiml at
Fri Feb 13 12:48:20 EST 2015

> Brahmanathaswami wrote:
> Video/YouTube
> From all that I have read, it appears that the only option for YouTube 
> is to use a browser instance with their embed code. ergo, user must be 
> online.  Today, reading YouTube terms of service, it explicitly states 
> that only sanctioned players are allowed and these   html5 
> objects/iFrame embed/some "aas" embed thing...which would rule out 
> direct streaming into a LC video player.
> Am I wrong?  I read through earlier posts and forum posts on this... I 
> don't think anything has changed.

Check out forum post “RE: Stream Movie From Youtube" <>

This will show you how to find the correct file URL for a youtube video. You can then play that directly in a LC player object, or play in mobile video control, or download the movie.

> Video Direct Streaming: Sadly: setting the URL of a player to, e.g. 
> " <>"
> does not work on the desktop

Works for me in LC 6.7.2 (RC).

Jim Lambert

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