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Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Fri Feb 13 15:08:09 EST 2015

Well sometimes it helps to be "ignorant" as then you continue to hack 
away madly hoping something will work...

I did see those forum posts, but it lookeda bit fragile to me and the 
time out problem is an issue, since some of these links might want to be 
"evergreen, archive" content.

Also, meanwhile, an attempt to stream directly from our own server in LC 
Player object failed miserably. Odd... as this used to work years ago in 
very old versions of Rev player objects "back in the day" (early 2003-4)

But now, the Same URL to an mp4 (on our server in SF) plays fine in a 
browser... but stutters and hangs when used in a player object.  perhaps 
I need to set some other attributes for it to work?  Why can Firefox run 
it smoothly but not LC?

I thought a direct link to a YouTube video would probably be just as bad.

So... back to webkit...

We are embedding Youtube in our site with iFrame..

Google recommends an iframe and we use this:

<frame  width="629"height="384"
src="  <view-source:>"
style="float: left;"


So if you create a browser instance and set the URL to:  <view-source:>

It runs just fine inside LC.

challenge solved... Hopefully this holds up on mobile.

caveat: if the video starts up in a browser instance with the 
phone/tablet held in portrait orientation and then the user turns 
sideways (typical behavior for video/slideshow viewing...)  having the 
rect smoothly change without stopping the video and without having to 
re-instantiate the browser object may be an interesting "mobile task"

This is a lot more fun than server side coding.

I think I need to go over and get immersed in the forums -- they are 
really active!

Swasti Astu, Be Well!

Kauai's Hindu Monastery

Jim Lambert wrote:
>> Brahmanathaswami wrote:
>> Video/YouTube
>>  From all that I have read, it appears that the only option for YouTube
>> is to use a browser instance with their embed code. ergo, user must be
>> online.  Today, reading YouTube terms of service, it explicitly states
>> that only sanctioned players are allowed and these   html5
>> objects/iFrame embed/some "aas" embed thing...which would rule out
>> direct streaming into a LC video player.
>> Am I wrong?  I read through earlier posts and forum posts on this... I
>> don't think anything has changed.
> Check out forum post “RE: Stream Movie From Youtube"
> This will show you how to find the correct file URL for a youtube video. You can then play that directly in a LC player object, or play in mobile video control, or download the movie.
>> Video Direct Streaming: Sadly: setting the URL of a player to, e.g.
>> "<>"
>> does not work on the desktop
> Works for me in LC 6.7.2 (RC).
> Jim Lambert
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