Nice to Meet You!

Ray ray at
Mon Aug 17 14:44:37 CEST 2015

My wife and I are in Edinburgh over the weekend just to see Scotland's 
beautiful capital city.  On our way to the airport today we to stopped 
by Livecode's office.  I would have been happy just to say hello to 
Heather, probably the only staff member who might remember me from a 
conference years ago, but Ian spent five minutes or so and introduced me 
to the staff both upstairs and down.  It was a real kick to meet 
Livecode's staff and see everybody working, especially Fraser who gave 
me a quick peek at his large monitor full of code which will become the 
much anticipated HTML5 release.

For nearly two decades I've posted questions, bugs, and other issues on 
this site.  Today's my opportunity to just say thanks to the Livecode 
team.  It's really a great product.

Nice to meet you!

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