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Mon Aug 17 15:16:41 CEST 2015

Thank you Richmond:

> OH! Where is the unified IDE that was waved around
> during the Kickstarter thing, and doesn't seem to
> have come up on the 'Report Card'?

During the Kickstarter Campaign it quite plainly says under the heading of, What
is your money going toward?

"We will introduce a new visual editor designed around today’s usability

And then under the next heading of, Technical Summary of Kickstarter

"Create a new, beautiful graphical front-end for building your apps"

Of all the goals in the Kickstarter project, this was *the* one that appealed to
me the most.

It has not been delivered, and based on the current LiveCode 8.0 DP and the rate
of progress since the Kickstarter Campaign ended two years ago, I do not expect
to see anything like what was shown halfway down this page:

before late 2017 at the earliest. If the LiveCode team prove me wrong I will be
delighted, but every time a new deal, project, or initiative is announced such

"bring HTML5 Web Delivery to LiveCode"
"one time opportunity to protect you against this and any future price rises"
"a new Business Application Framework"

I am reminded that I am still stuck with an awful IDE, when I thought I had
already paid for something a whole lot better.

If this is a rant then I am sorry, but a new IDE was a clearly stated goal of
the Kickstarter Campaign and I don't think it gets mentioned enough in these

Scott McDonald
"Components, Controls, Tools and Resources for LiveCode"

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