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Monte Goulding monte at
Fri Aug 14 22:46:18 CEST 2015

> On 15 Aug 2015, at 1:09 am, Martin Koob <mkoob at> wrote:
> Monte has not charged for lcVCS to this point but I will happily pay him for
> it when there is an opportunity to do so.  
> His original plan to provide the lcVCS engine as GPL and then charge for the
> IDE plugin and command line interface. I would be happy to pay for the
> plugin given the value it adds and time it saves.  Would people who want
> version control for LiveCode be willing to commit up front and pay for the
> lcVCS plugin or some other payment option or commit in a funding campaign?  
> If there are not enough people willing to commit the funds this all becomes
> a moot discussion.

Thanks Martin

As far as lcVCS goes I actually think it would be good better if we could work with Mark and Peter to get the file format into the engine. That way if there’s a new property or something it’s all automatic. I think what I’ve done is useful in that both it has worked and that it has given me a fairly solid understanding of what the issues are to pass on where I can or at least discuss with the engine guys. There’s a healthy discussion in that direction going on here <>

The git IDE integration on the other hand could be a plugin (paid or open source) or part of the IDE that comes out of the box. It’s where the magic happens. Stuff like the toolTip on the script line numbers showing the author and commit message. So I’d rather focus on that stuff.



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