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Fri Aug 14 16:20:23 EDT 2015

J. Landman Gay wrote
> On 8/14/2015 1:47 PM, Graham Samuel wrote:
>> To me the ideal is a system which can be explained to a team in an
>> hour and which everyone can then stick to. My (fractured) reading of
>> this conversation gives me the idea that we are approaching
>> Gnome-ville, where really nothing can be explained in an hour.
> That's kind of where I'm at too. I think I'd really like github, and the 
> things Marty said were enticing, but it's more than I can absorb quickly 
> and apparently requires study. In fact, there's so much to learn that 
> there are entire books explaining it.
> That's more than I have time to devote to it, especially since I don't 
> usually work in teams, so I stick with what I know which is backups and 
> notes.
> If someone who knows this stuff puts together something LC-compatible 
> and idiot-friendly, I'll take another look.
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I do not understand the intricacies of version control github but I have not
needed to with lcVCS.  In the daily workflow with the lcVCS IDE plugin the
only addition is after I save my stack in LiveCode and want to commit the
changes to the repository I go to the SourceTree app to review my changes, type a note and then
commit the changes to the repository.  I can add the term 'resolve' and an
issue number  for an issue I have entered in bitbucket i.e. "resolve issue
#130" along with my note and my commit note will be added to the issue
thread in bit bucket and the issue will be marked resolved automatically.

As I said I am no expert. My big accomplishment was creating a branch and
merging the branch back into my main branch.  I have only done that once. 
So I still have more to learn there but without using more advanced features
I still find lcVCS and version control very helpful.

There is work to be done initially to set up the repository in github and
locally and configure bitbucket. I needed support from Monte in doing this
part.  Once it is set up I don't need to think about that.  

There were also some changes in my stacks i needed to do to reduce false
positives for conflicts by adding lcVCSExport handlers to various cards and
stacks.   I still get false positives from objects resizing or moving or
having a value of a property change.  I don't really worry about them too
much now.

So not having having a great deal of knowledge of version control has not
prevented from using lcVCS. 


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