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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Aug 15 00:15:14 CEST 2015

Marty Knapp wrote:

> I'm trying to call curl from a shell command from within LC to get info
> from a website via their API and am getting a "could not resolve host"
> error. I can successfully run curl from the terminal (on Mac). This is
> totally new territory for me, so I have almost no idea of what I'm
> doing! I'm using LC 6.6.5 if that makes any difference.
> Here's the curl statement I'm using (formatted per the website's API):
> curl -H "Accept: text/xml"
> Works fine in Terminal. Note that it is using https if that matters.

If it works in Terminal I'm mystified; Mark Wieder may have a tip for that.

Have you tested it with libURL?  For HTTP/HTTPS it shouldn't be 
necessary to use curl or other outside programs.

FWIW, I did some testing with wget yesterday (not the same as curl, but 
often considered a bit lighter), and I found that the overhead of 
instantiating the terminal session with shell meant that using libURL 
was about 20% faster overall for downloading a 1MB binary data file.

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