Plain text library stacks

Robert Mann rman at
Tue Apr 28 21:56:28 EDT 2015

Hi bouncing on my present subject which is how to implement a a simple
"semaphore" system to be used by server stacks : could that simple forma
t(and I suppose fast to load) be used to store some data along scripts, e.i
for a semaphore?

-- when loaded in memory, is it parsed and checked? are there errors
launched if non script info is found?
--I suppose a script can include a set up handler that will instantiate a
global variable, or a property?
-- and that data in that handler can be edited by an external handler?

i found interesting the prospect of having a kind of small independent
"object" that can have some behaviors I mean scripts and some datas, one of
the use being for a simple file access semaphore. But there can be other
uses i'm sure.
-- could a handler in the script have something like "write that data into
line X of me (i mean of the script file) and save me?


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