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Fri Jun 27 22:08:42 EDT 2014


Friday, June 27, 2014, 9:31:20 AM, you wrote:

> A full description is in my QCC report number 10511

Having now read the bug report (*very* interesting reading) my
thinking is that this may well be connected to variable preservation
rather than explicitVars, even if you don't currently have variable
preservation turned on. Here's my current theory:

If you at some time in the past turned on variable preservation and
had a script variable of the same name you are now using for a handler
variable, then that variable scope is still stored with the stack.
Until you can compile the script with no errors, that conflict will
still remain. In other words, the stack has stored a reference to the
named variable with a wider scope than you are now giving it, and that
reference won't be wiped out until a successful script compilation.

So... ensure that variable preservation is unchecked, change the name
of the variable to something without a conflict, compile the script,
and save the stack. I think that should clear up the problem for this
stack. Since I never use variable preservation and always have strict
compilation enabled I haven't run into this problem, and can't say for
certain whether this will do the trick, but it makes sense to me that
way. I also haven't looked to see where variables are being stored,
and maybe someone else has a better sense of that.

-Mark Wieder
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