ScreenRect bug or not

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Sun Jun 8 17:18:59 EDT 2014


Sunday, June 8, 2014, 11:28:28 AM, you wrote:

> A secret is a willful attempt to conceal, but we have no indication that
> anyone's doing that.

> So before anyone runs off to the hardware store to grab pitchforks for
> storming the castle over some imagined IDE conspiracy, please kindly
> take a moment to consider only what I wrote

Here is what you wrote:

> There is an IDE rewrite underway, and a very large-scope effort to
> improve overall rendering.

As you know, I've been pushing for open-sourcing the IDE for over a
year now, but so far I've seen no move in that direction. If you're
privy to some information that the rest of us are not, then perhaps
you have a better word for it than "secret", because it's certainly
news to me.

I recall some years ago there was a decision by the team to rewrite
the datatbase library, and so all existing database bugs were "closed"
and made duplicates of a single db-rewrite bug. To date all those bug
reports remain in the limbo of duplicate entries and the database
layer has not been rewritten. I trust it will happen someday, but in
the meantime I'm not about to try fixing database layer bugs just to
have them closed as duplicates. And I don't see any difference with
the rest of the IDE if we don't know what parts are being rewritten.

...although possibly you mean something else by "IDE rewrite"...

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