ScreenRect bug or not

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Jun 8 14:28:28 EDT 2014

Mark Wieder wrote:

 > Richard-
 > Thursday, June 5, 2014, 7:19:07 AM, you wrote:
 >> The IDE rewrite is AFAIK very early-stage, a logical necessity
 >> from the Open Language initiative and the implications thereof
 >> related to extensibility.  I imagine we'll be hearing more about
 >> it as it begins to move from sketchpad to code, but right now
 >> it's all about supporting OL so I don't believe there's much
 >> concrete that can be said about it until OL gets fleshed out more.
 > If there's a secret project going on behind the scenes to produce a
 > new IDE, out of sight of the github process, then it's hardly worth
 > the effort to ferret out fixes to existing bugs.

Mark, you're one of the smartest people I know, so I'm having a hard 
time understanding why would you choose such an unnecessarily 
emotionally-laden word like "secret"?

A secret is a willful attempt to conceal, but we have no indication that 
anyone's doing that.

So before anyone runs off to the hardware store to grab pitchforks for 
storming the castle over some imagined IDE conspiracy, please kindly 
take a moment to consider only what I wrote, and I'll try to make it 
even clearer here:

AFAIK there is no other RunRev-borne IDE in existence (the community has 
several), just ideas, sketches, possibilities and imaginings which may 
become fleshed out into some actual thing in the future once Open 
Language is far enough along to make such a necessary change in the IDE 
to support it achievable.

And as we all know, Open Language is among the least-urgent of all the 
Kickstarter goals, so don't expect it before critical fixes like 
Unicode, Cocoa, and multimedia are solidly completed.

And don't expect any IDE that depends on Open Language until Open 
Language is far enough along to be dependable.

So in the meantime, the core dev team uses the same IDE as the rest of us.

And even when a new IDE project can be started on the foundation of a 
nearly-completed Open Language-based engine, we can anticipate that 
moment will be many months from now, and will take many months more to 
complete, so any work done on the current IDE seems likely to have a 
useful shelf life.

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