The Missing Link between LiveCode and Teachers

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this is all so true. I have this issue in educational media publishers as they all want everything on the web but i still get constant feedback from teachers that they like to have a cdrom in their hand to base their curriculum on rather than a web site. Why? Because websites with content, even those subscription based ones from publishers tend to go poof fast. Even publishers tend to start ignoring titles after just a few years. If teachers want to base curriculums on certain content they want it there for many years to pay off the investment and not have to be continually changing things. High bandwidth or any bandwidth at all is also an issue in many schools still. Hypermedia works so much better for this delivery than browser based approaches. Unfortunately though publisher just think this direction is dead and distributors as well so almost impossible to go down that route anymore. But the issue of web based materials getting quickly forgotten and breaking in new browser revs or just disappearing still goes on.

This also goes for kids producing their own media projects. Hypermedia like livecode work so much better at letting the kids do their own thing both in versatility and also in teaching more basic programming logic and content layout than doing web pages. While some assignments worked well in the classroom lab environment (I taught multimedia for a year in my old high school to fill in) and is a useful skill, only a small subset of the overall curriculum assignments that we adapted to doing with multimedia approach worked well with web sites. Even traditional page layout was well suited for some assignments as it got the kids thinking into how to present the standard assignment content in a different manner and really think thru the content not just spit it back. But hypermedia was the king for really getting the kids involved in larger projects and team efforts.



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> Recently, I was consulting EBSCO database:
> for articles and publications about
> Hypermedia.
> Surprisingly, most of these articles have been
> written from 1988 to 1995 and uses the Macintosh
> and HyperCard as their role model for hypermedia
> explanations and implementation.

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