The Missing Link between LiveCode and Teachers

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Apr 17 19:35:16 CEST 2014

I recently made a number of inquires in and around the greater Boston
(MA, US) area for any classes that are teaching LiveCode at any of the
area colleges or universities. Sadly, in the greater Boston area, one of
the places with more colleges and universities per square mile than
almost any where else in the world, there seems to be NO programming,
(or multimedia, hypermedia, etc.) classes being taught using LiveCode.
Boston College used to, but the faculty member who taught LiveCode
retired several years ago and the chairman of the department tells me
there are no current courses using LiveCode.

In part I was doing this out of curiosity as I was exploring potentially
hiring a college programming student for a small, one-off project in
LiveCode or even see if I could find an Faculty member with an
interested grad student who might like to collaborate for college
credit. I even asked RunRev for help in pointing me in the right
direction based on their awareness of license sold to area universities.

I was surprised not to find anyone. That said, as RunRev itself pointed
out to me, with the Open Source version, it means people could be
teaching LiveCode and RunRev would have no awareness. And while I have a
lot of contacts in the higher-education community in this area, I did
not exhaustively check every school in the area.

I'd love to see, and help with, any efforts to get more people teaching
LiveCode and even more so, collect awareness of those courses into some
visible place on the web.

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