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Sat Sep 28 21:46:05 EDT 2013


First of all, it's great news; I'm very excited to see some tutorials focused on motion comics.
I'd love to help, also; though, I'm not sure that my technical abilities are sufficient.
Yet, I'd like to give a shot and do whatever I can.


~ Ender Nafi

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On September 29, 2013 at 2:21:27 AM, Alejandro Tejada (capellan2000 at wrote:

Hi All,  

I have plans to publish in spanish, some tutorials about  
creating Motion Comics, using LiveCode.  
The tutorial will be created in english, for testing and  
review of developers in this platform. Then, translated.  

These Motion Comics tutorials will be used as a gentle  
and enjoyable introduction to the basics concepts of  

Originally, I intended to create these tutorials only for kids  
and young teens, but many teachers and friends have told  
me that young adults and older grown ups would be  
interested too, if I included more mature comics, among  
the tutorials.  

Every idea and suggestion about this project is welcome.  
Already, I have asked the moderators and participants  
of this website:  
about which characters and titles could be atractive  
to each age group:  

kids from 6-11  
teens from 12- 16  
young adults from 17-29  
grown ups: 30 and older  

Each tutorial would require that me (and some volunteers)  
clean up and retouch all the panels of the history  
chosen for the tutorial... so, if you have time to help  
please, tell me so. :D  

Many thanks in advance  


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