Translate code from Mac to PC

Jim Hurley jhurley0305 at
Sat Nov 23 21:09:16 EST 2013

Hi Bernd,

Darn. I can't see any difference between 5.02 and 6.5.0

I am using the "curve tool" in both. Is that what you recommend?

And the resolution appears to be the same.

Am I missing something? A setting maybe?

Kind regards,


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> Hi Jim,
> if you want to see a difference between LiveCode version < 6.5.0  and 6.5.0
> RCx then run your beautiful Kaleidoscope in paint mode, i.e. card 1 and what
> used to be a rather slow painting is now really fast and a lot more fun. It
> is just as fast as the graphic mode on card 2. (those seem to be faster
> also)
> You should consider using 6.5.0 for deploying it to the library.
> Kind regards
> Bernd

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