[OT] What's happening here in Turkey...

Ender Nafi endernafi at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 21:15:30 EDT 2013

we've used water buckets to neutralize gas capsules.
but the first attack at 19.00 was bad.
the crowd was huge, nowhere to run and they used too, too many gas.
and the worst part is, 
we weren't prepared 'cause we didn't expect.
the governor had PROMISED not to attack.
thus, many of us brought children.

it was like hell, absolutely hell.
people falling to ground while crowd running backwards,
children screams,
and every breath burns lungs.
i was sure that i will die painfully.

i am here from the beginning for two weeks, beaten by the police, breathed pepper gas and all.
so, i've been thinking that i saw worst.
clearly, i was mistaking.
the weird, screamy, animalish voices of those children trying to breath are still in my ears.

they even gas-bombed the infirmary.
that's illegal even at war.

i'm rageful!!!!
yet, i didn't throw even a pebble or plastic bottle to the police
and tried to prevent those do.
we're not like them,
we shouldn't be.

we're different...

ender nafi

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